Case Studies

Some of the robotic projects realized by DKI Robotics


Having worked on design and manufacture of numerous robotic projects, we’ve acquired a wealth of experience in this field. Take a look at these Case Studies, which will give you a good idea of what we can do and how we do it.

projets robotiques, contrôle robot
Robotics and Automatism
Motor Control
  • Electronic design of motor control
  • Design of brushless controllers from our DKI brand. (Read more ->)
  • Design of a motor soft-start system. (Read more ->)
  • Design of motor servo systems on mobile devices.
  • Design of an electronic/mechanical system to motorize large-format mirrors.
Energy management
  • Design of customized BMS (Battery Management System) (Read more ->)
  • Design of a DKI CAN BUS isolator with configurable communication speeds. (Read more ->)
  • Design of safety modules
Connected Objects
  • Design of FlyBoard electronic control system. (Read more ->)
  • Electronic design of a man-overboard device
robotic projects, wheelchair
  • Electronic design of a wheelchair and its induction recharging system (Read more ->)
  • On-board energy medical stretcher (Read more ->)
  • Brushless gyropod control
Medical and Paramedical
  • Development of electric stretcher wheel assistance (thrust and braking control), BMS and energy management.
  • Design of induction charging systems for medical and paramedical equipment
  • Electronic design of a stethoscope
  • Electronic design of a lamp for visually impaired people
  • Electronic and mechanical design for communications equipment
  • On-board energy
  • Design of an NMEA Minilogger to record large amounts of navigation data
  • Design of a WiFi – NMEA Multiplexer
  • Design of a GNSS station
  • Design of osmosis plant electronics
  • Electronic design of a man overboard detection device
  • FlyBoard control electronics design
  • Development of lithium batteries (LiFePo4)
Home appliances
  • Induction hob design
Food Industry
  • Electronarcosis system for animal anesthesia
  • Design of a lighting and ventilation control system for plantations
  • Electronic design of a device for drying and evacuating droppings
  • Design of a very low consumption carbon monoxide detector
  • DKI brand actuator fitted with a brushless motor (Read more ->)
  • Electronic design of air handling units
  • Electronic disinfection system for shopping carts
  • Motorization of wheels and castors: electronic and mechanical design (Read more ->)
  • Electronic and mechanical design of robots
  • Design of various electrical cabinets/electronic controls
  • Design of customized LiFePo4 lithium batteries
  • Development of a measurement and sensor system for the nuclear industry
  • Design of an induction charging system for a wheelchair
  • Design of cell parameter acquisition cards
  • Design and manufacture of an industrial energy bank (Read more ->)

Some Robotic Projects by DKI Robotics

Exploration robot on the ground

Pipe exploration robot

For a water pipe renovation company, we designed the architecture and on-board systems for the intervention trucks and the inspection and work robots. DK Innovation also provides manufacturing and technical support for these robotic projects. These robots are currently in service in France, the Netherlands, England, Spain, Denmark and the United States.

Work done:

Engine block wheels

For a company working on different mechatronic and robotic projects, we have designed and developed the mechanical and electronic parts to motorize a wheel.

Work done:

mechatronic part on a table
Robot controller

Robot control

Some robotic projects require product control tools. DK Innovation has designed control panels to enable a company specializing in pipe maintenance to operate their robots remotely.

Work done:


Design, manufacture, and integration of the electronic system of a FlyBoard. Robotics projects of this type require a number of special adaptations due to the environment in which they are used.

Work done:

CAN BUS Isolator

BUS CAN Isolator

The DK Innovation CAN Bus Isolator connects 2 CAN buses with different electrical potentials or communication speeds. In the event of 2 devices not communicating at the same speed, it can be placed between these 2 devices to enable them to communicate together.

Communication speeds on each of the 2 buses can range from 20Kbps to 500Kbps.

This type of device can be used for a wide range of applications, from complex robotic projects to simpler systems.


For a company carrying out mechatronic and robotic projects in the medical field, we designed the electronics for an electric wheelchair rechargeable by induction (wireless recharging). Our aim was to create a more practical and easier-to-use electric wheelchair thanks to this innovative technology.

Work done:

wheelchair with visible electronic parts

Medical stretcher

Design of motor control electronics for a stretcher for a company in the medical field.

Work done:

Battery Management System

For various robotic projects, we managed the design of customized Battery Management System (BMS): charger, balancing, limitation of charging and discharging currents. We design bespoke BMSs according to customer specifications, not only for industrial applications, but also for our own products, such as battery packs for environmentally demanding racing boats. We manufacture and support these systems.

Work done:

brushless controller

Brushless controller

The brushless motor controller is designed to bridge the gap between the control system for a conventional DC motor and the brushless motor. The brushless controller uses the original brush motor controller to drive the brushless motor seamlessly, so no modification of the original system is required. It operates in both directions, and speed is equally proportional. The system can also operate directly in CAN bus mode. This type of device can be used for a wide range of applications, from complex robotic projects to simpler systems.


DK Innovation designed a start-up system for a company, enabling soft starting of motors between 12V and 48V. This type of device can be used for a wide range of applications, from complex robotic projects to simpler systems.

Work done:

Battery bank for industrial companies

Energy bank

The battery farm is an autonomous power supply solution for industrial companies wishing to avoid damage caused by potential power cuts to the grid. This type of installation provides the company with a backup source of energy in the event of an interruption to the main power supply. The high degree of energy autonomy it offers means your business can continue to operate for hours, or even days, depending on requirements and configuration. This solution is particularly well-suited to data centers and other industrial businesses where a potential loss of power could be critical.

Work done:

Actuator fitted with a brushless motor

DK Innovation has developed a hydraulic actuator demonstrator equipped with a brushless motor. This represents a real technological advance over the use of universal motors. It enables the actuator to be used with greater torque and speed under load. Tests have enabled us to quantify the gains in responsiveness offered by this technology. This type of device can be used for a wide range of applications, from complex robotic projects to simpler systems.

Work done:

electric actuator