The software design of your project


Knowing the importance of software in the development of high-performance, intelligent robotic products, our software engineers specialize in the design and creation of advanced programs to control, optimize and enhance the functionality of our robots.

Our approach to software development is based on innovation, flexibility and user-friendliness. We are committed to providing different solutions customized to your specific needs.

Software architecture

Software architecture is the foundation of any effective robotic system. At DKI Robotics, we design robust and scalable software architectures, ensuring a good integration between our robots’ hardware and software. We use different technologies to ensure optimum performance of our programs.

Our engineers master a wide variety of programming languages, from languages such as C/C++ to other languages such as Python. We develop advanced algorithms for perception, motion planning, artificial intelligence and many other crucial aspects of robotics. We aim to guarantee optimum performance while maintaining high reliability and ease of maintenance.

Logiciel embarqué développé sur un écran d'ordinateur

User interface

The user interface (UI) is a key element, as it is what will enable you to interact with our robots. We pay particular attention to designing intuitive, user-friendly interfaces, enabling users to easily control our robots, view real-time data and configure parameters. We strive to make the user experience pleasant and accessible, adapting the UI to different levels of expertise.

robotic user interface on a tablet

Updates and support

We are committed to keeping our software up-to-date and providing quality technical support to our customers. We listen carefully to user feedback, and strive to continually improve our programs with regular updates, bug fixes and new features.