Robotic design

The global design of your project


Our strength and our particularity is to be able to accompany you on the whole of your robotic project both on the electronic part and on the mechanical part.

Our engineers design the entirety of your robotic project, both electronically and mechanically. The realization of your project is then a real teamwork and thus allows you to have a minimum of interlocutors for a maximum of efficiency and reactivity at a controlled cost.

Electronic Design

As experts in the design of electronic boards and innovative systems, we ensure the research and development of innovations in order to improve or develop the electronics of your products. And indeed, through the design and realization of electronic systems on printed circuits, the engineering office implements your concrete ideas by working on one or more very precise components.

From the expression of your needs or your specifications, we intervene at all stages of the realization of your electronic system. We can carry out a pre-study and/or study of your electronic boards and embedded systems step by step: drafting of specifications, feasibility study, definition of the architecture, dimensioning of components, realization of electronic diagrams…

Our design office is fully equipped with powerful tools and machinery, including electronic CAD software for PCB routing, as well as an SMD line and production machinery to manufacture all your electronic boards in-house, whether you need a prototype or mass production, we can help you.

Some areas of expertise:


Mechanical Design

For your robotic project’s design, the printed circuits, electronic boards must adapt to the mechanical constraints of the system they equip, it is why our mechanical engineer team develops the mechanics of your innovative products while ensuring that the technical and financial constraints of your projects are respected.

In this way the electronic and mechanical developments are combined and thus allows you to have a real coherence and efficiency in your project without wasting time in iteration between different interlocutors and different organizations.

The goal is to optimize the manufacturing process and to have control over the quality, the production time but also to control the cost.

robotic design

In addition, our technicians and engineers come from various backgrounds, so they have a very strong expertise and many complementary skills to complete your robotic projects.

We intervene at several stages of your project and all the stages are carried out in-house directly in our workshops : 

We have in-house all the tools and machining machines (lathe and digital milling machines, etc.) that allow our mechanical team to directly concretize the parts designed to move the project forward with consistency and reliability as we go along.