The manufacture of your product in series


Once the design of your product is done, and we are all satisfied with the final prototype, our specialized technicians will proceed to the Manufacture of your product. They have a multi-sector experience, so ensure that the technical and financial constraints of your projects are respected.

Electronic Production

SMD Line

We completely take in charge the assembly of your electronic cards. Our technicians are using Surface Mounted Device (SMD) with reflow soldering.

We are equipped with automated and efficient electronic production means such as an SMD line as well as a lathe and digital milling machines allowing us to follow your projects in their entirety.

Our PCBs undergo numerous tests to ensure their quality and the implementation of their SMD.

Mechanical Production

We produce your mechanical parts thanks to our CNC machines. Our technicians have both the know-how and the machinery necessary to offer the best quality of production.

Our production workshop is specialized in precision machining, turning and milling, and can design and manufacture mechanical parts or assemblies. We can launch productions by the unit (for prototyping), or in series.

precision mechanical parts manufactured during mechanical production

Robotic Production

mechatronic parts manufactured at a production workshop

Once your electronic and mechanical parts have been manufactured, we assemble them to complete your robot. The mechanical integration of your electronic systems will be carefully carried out by our technicians. This stage never encounters compatibility problems between the different parts, since the entire product is designed and manufactured in the same place, on our premises. Our design, electronicproduction, and mechanical production teams always work together to ensure that the overall product functions smoothly.

Quality and Control

Quality is at the heart of our production process. We are committed to delivering products of the highest quality to our customers. To achieve this goal, our quality standards are high. It goes from the sourcing of quality materials, to the precise assembly of components and rigorous testing to ensure product conformity and performance.
We implement strict quality controls at every stage of production. Visual inspections and functional tests are carried out to ensure product reliability and durability. In addition, we are ISO-certified to ensure that our production processes meet international quality standards.