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Our History

DK Innovation group, specialized in electronic and mechatronic R&D, is established in Ireland and France. For more than 15 years, DK Innovation has realized many projects in robotics and mechatronics. Drawing on its accumulated experience in the field, the company decided to launch DKI Robotics, 100% dedicated to robotics.

This is how DKI Robotics was born and is already one of the most trustable and experienced companies on the robotic market.

dki robotics in a few words

Our strength and our particularity is to be able to accompany you on the whole of your robotic project, both on the electronic part and on the mechanical part. We develop your project from the first designs to the mass production, going through prototypes, tests, optimizations… Our goal is to build real long term partnership with our customers.

Our Locations


R&D Headquarters



Development & Manufacture Center

Our Teams

Design / R&D

Our engineers ensure the electronic and mechanical design of your systems and products

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Electronic Manufacturing Division

Our electronic technicians team ensures the manufacturing of your prototypes and the mass production of electronic boards and assemblies

Mechanical Manufacturing Division

Our mechanical technicians team ensures the manufacturing of the mechanical parts of your sets and products

Our intervention areas

We operate all over Europe and North America

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